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Clear Storm Drains in Front of Your Home

If you live in a house that has a storm drain in the street along your property border, please keep it clear of debris. Blocked drains cause streets to flood during rain storms which can pose a hazard to driving. Use a garden rake to move the debris off of the drain and dispose of …

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No Fires or Fireworks allowed in Raintree Village Commons Spaces

At the RVHA directors meeting held Monday June 8, 2020, the Raintree Village Homeowners Association board of directors passed a resolution that prohibits any use of fireworks or any fires in or on the Open Space Areas including Forest Commons, Lakeside Commons, Abbey Commons and Village Commons. The reason is the substantial liability risk for …

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Michigan leash law

The State of Michigan Leash Law of 1919 requires that you keep your dog on a leash when not on the dog owners property. This applies to walking your dog in the subdivision or in the RVHA Commons Areas. Also please bring a plastic bag to clean up your dog’s droppings (this includes all RVHA …

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