Pay your Raintree Village 2024 HOA dues online

The RVHA 2024 annual dues assessment is $33.  Payments (by check, money order, or credit card) was due on March 1, 2024.  Invoices along with the 2024 Newsletter and budget were mailed out in January.  If you did not receive an invoice, please contact us at this link.
Pay with Cheddar Up

Click here to pay your RVHA 2024 dues assessment online using a credit card.

Forest Commons walking path

The walking path through Forest Commons has been improved with fresh wood chips. Volunteers spent Saturday April 27, 2024 gathering downed branches and feeding them through a wood chipper to create new material to delineate the path. Special thanks go to David Eisenbacher (RVHA president) for coordinating the project and arranging for the wood chipper …

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RVHA Annual Garage Sale is May 17-18, 2024

The RVHA subdivision-wide garage sale will be held on Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18. Signs will be posted at the entrances and inside the subdivision five days prior.

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Jack Gryebet Eagle Scout Project Completed at Lakeside Commons

On Sunday September 3, 2023, Raintree Village’s Lakeside Commons was the site of an Eagle Scout Project involving the planting of four new 6 foot tall oak trees. Thanks to Boy Scout Jack Gryebet of Troop 1094.

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Thomas Angell Eagle Scout Project Completed at Lakeside Commons

On Saturday September 2, 2023, Raintree Village’s Lakeside Commons was the site of an Eagle Scout Project involving the planting of native plants (90 sedges and 260 iris flowers) along the western bank of the retention pond. This project’s goal is to prevent erosion along the western pond bank. Thanks to Boy Scout Thomas Angell …

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Entrance signs are repainted

The repainting of the Raintree Village entrance signs is completed. The posts were prepped (sanded, caulked and primed), signs were sanded and signs and posts both repainted and lettering repainted. Thanks to David Eisenbacher (RVHA president) who oversaw the project and volunteered many hours of his time doing the majority of the work (including obtaining …

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Clear Storm Drains in Front of Your Home

If you live in a house that has a storm drain in the street along your property border, please keep it clear of debris. Blocked drains cause streets to flood during rain storms which can pose a hazard to driving. Use a garden rake to move the debris off of the drain and dispose of …

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No Fires or Fireworks allowed in Raintree Village Commons Spaces

At the RVHA directors meeting held Monday June 8, 2020, the Raintree Village Homeowners Association board of directors passed a resolution that prohibits any use of fireworks or any fires in or on the Open Space Areas including Forest Commons, Lakeside Commons, Abbey Commons and Village Commons. The reason is the substantial liability risk for …

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Michigan leash law

The State of Michigan Leash Law of 1919 requires that you keep your dog on a leash when not on the dog owners property. This applies to walking your dog in the subdivision or in the RVHA Commons Areas. Also please bring a plastic bag to clean up your dog’s droppings (this includes all RVHA …

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