Are sheds permitted by the RVHA bylaws?

There are no RVHA prohibitions against erecting a shed in the backyard.  The only prohibition in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions regarding such structures is that they cannot be used as a residence.   The City of Troy,  however,  has several rules concerning the construction of sheds in residential areas.  A shed permit must be filed with,  and approved by,  the City of Troy Building Department in order to build a shed.  One important rule to remember is that the shed cannot be located closer than 10 feet to your house, and not closer than 6 feet to any side or rear lot line (in some cases 10 feet from the rear lot line if your property has a 10 foot rear easement).  Once the shed is built, you must arrange for a City of Troy inspector to review the construction of the shed and give final approval to the permit.  If the shed does not meet the City of Troy requirements, corrections must be made (this could include moving the shed if it is too close to the home or lot lines).  The City of Troy Accessory Structure Standards can be read by clicking here.