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May 17-18, 2019

Conditional Rezoning for Proposed BGB Luxury Apartments

The matter of the conditional rezoning for the proposed Bostick development north of Kroger and the Troy Sports Center, and adjacent to the Raintree Village subdivision, is on the agenda for the April 23, 2019 7:00pm meeting of the City of Troy Planning Commission.

This is a continuation of the item from the March 12 meeting where it was postponed. Since a public hearing was already conducted, it is possible that there will not be an additional public hearing.

The agenda packet for the April 23 meeting can be found at o.troymi.gov/BoardsandCommittees/?Board=planningcommission. According to the Rezoning Analysis and Preliminary Site Plan Review starting on page 16 of the agenda packet, the item was continued to "Give the applicant an opportunity to work out some details as relates to site access, traffic circulation and pattern through the retail parking lot, impact on schools and bus routes, density as relates to units per acre, details on trash and recycling collection, heights of all the buildings, open space and vehicular turnaround." Since the March 12 meeting, the applicant has revised the plan to add bicycle parking at the clubhouse, and add a stamped pavement pedestrian crossing across Nancy Bostick Dr. The location of the trash and recycling collection, in the northeast corner close to Raintree Village homes, has not changed.

The Planning Commission may vote to recommend approval of the conditional rezoning, or to recommend denial, or to postpone. If the Planning Commission recommends approval or denial, the matter will then be considered at a future City Council meeting.

The meeting is open and can be attended in person at City Hall or viewed live on the City's Youtube channel.

A replay of the March 12 meeting can be viewed here. The ground rules for a public hearing are given at 14:57. The agenda item is introduced at 16:14. Matt Kolis, from GHD, who worked on the Traffic Impact Study, addresses RVHA's concerns starting at 1:08:41. The public hearing is opened at 1:21:55.

A memo from OHM, the City of Troy's traffic consultant, responding to queries from RVHA regarding the Traffic Impact Study for the project can be found here.

2019 Assessment and Newsletter Mailed

The 2019 assessment statements and newsletter were mailed to all 810 Raintree Village homeowners on January 23rd. The envelope is usually addressed only to Homeowner but the return address shows Raintree Village Homeowners Association in the traditional font. The contents include an invoice with the 2019 budget printed on the back, a 4-page newsletter, and a return envelope.

The assessment for 2019 is $28.00 and is due February 28th, 2019. If you did not receive the statement, please email RVHA's treasurer.

Come to our Monthly Meeting!
The regular monthly RVHA Board meeting is held on the second Monday of the month from September through June. All Raintree Village homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend. We meet at Baker Middle School (located on Torpey Drive off Rochester Road) in room 108.

Our next RVHA Board meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on May 13th, 2019.

Tree Planting

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Coyote Alert

There have been multiple recent sightings of one or more coyotes in the subdivision. The picture to the right was taken around 10:00am on November 29th at the edge of the Baker Middle School woods near Harmony and Madison. Another homeowner near Glenwood and Wakefield reported a coyote on her back porch trying to reach her cat.

Always keep these cautions in mind:

  • Do not leave pets or small children unattended.
  • Do not place pet food outdoors.
  • Do not take any action that will make coyotes less afraid of humans.
  • Be aware that coyotes can jump a six-foot fence.

The City of Troy also has Coyote Information.

Raintree Village 2019 Assessment
Raintree Village is a deed-restricted community. All Raintree Village homeowners are automatically members of the Raintree Village Homeowners Association and are legally obligated to pay an annual assessment as outlined in Article IV, Section 1 in the subdivision Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions filed in 1975 with the Oakland County Register of Deeds (Liber 6445, Pages 310-311).

The assessment for 2019 is $28.00 and is due February 28, 2019. Send your check or money order payable to:

Raintree Village Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 99033
Troy, MI 48099

to avoid having late fees and legal costs added to the amount you owe.
The RVHA Voicemail is

If you have a question or problem for the Raintree Village Homeowners Association, call anytime day or night.

This telephone number is an unattended AT&T voice mailbox. Messages are recorded for later replay. This telephone number does not ring to anyone's home, so you will never get a "live person" to talk to.

Please leave your name and telephone number if you want your phone call returned. Calls are usually returned within two business days.

Raintree Message Board
The Raintree website features a Message Board, where residents can pose questions, discuss common problems, and share ideas related to life here in Raintree and Troy. Click on "Message Board" in the left margin to participate.


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