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May 19-20

New Housing Development

Mondrian Properties, a home builder based in Shelby Township, is the new owner of the parcel of land formerly owned by the Troy School District and located south of Raintree Park. Mondrian Properties has built many communities in Troy, including Chatwal Park (on the north side of Wattles just west of Rochester Rd), and is currently building the Estates of Willowbrook (on the east side of John R south of Wattles).

Raintree Village Homeowners Association (RVHA) board members Craig Chamberlain and David Eisenbacher participated in a 30 minute conference call with Joseph Maniaci of Mondrian Properties on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017. Mr. Maniaci provided some basic information about the development plans for the parcel, and the RVHA representatives identified some issues of concern to the homeowners association.

The planned name for the new subdivision is Paradise Park at Raintree Village, and it will be accessed only from North Lake Dr off of John R Rd.

The parcel is 18 acres and is heavily wooded. Mondrian Properties plans to build approximately 59 single family homes on 12 of the acres, preserving 6 acres, all wooded, on the southeast corner of the site, including 1.38 acres of regulated wetlands which will not be disturbed. In the 12 acres to be developed, the goal is to keep as many of the trees as possible, so they will be doing selective cutting rather than clear cutting. Mondrian Properties plans to have a buffer around the new subdivision to screen it from existing neighbors.

The parcel is zoned R1-C and the developer is using the City of Troy's new cluster option. No lot will be narrower than 60 feet. North Lake Dr will be extended and will have sidewalks, and there will be at least one sidewalk north to Raintree Park. There will be no sidewalk or other access through the southwest corner of the parcel by the curved part of Madison Dr between Kings Point Dr and Woodgate Dr.

Construction hours are regulated and are from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday, with no construction on Sundays unless exceptions are granted by the City of Troy. Mondrian Properties will schedule street sweepers for cleaning any mud or dirt from North Lake Dr. The model homes will initially be at the Estates of Willowbrook site.

RVHA raised the issue of the use of the retention pond in the Lakeside Commons private park owned by RVHA. RVHA believes that any development making use of the retention pond should share the burden of maintenance costs. RVHA will explore options for an agreement regarding retention pond maintenance responsibilities with Mondrian Properties.

Mondrian Properties plans to present the development plans to the City of Troy Planning Commission for approval in April. Final approval for the development will be by the Troy City Council at a later date.
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Raintree Homeowners Dues
All Raintree homeowners are automatically members of the Raintree Village Homeowners Association and are legally obligated to pay their homeowners dues as outlined in Article IV, Section 1 in the subdivision Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions filed in 1975 with the Oakland County Register of Deeds (Liber 6445, Pages 310-311).

Dues are $26 per year. If you haven't yet paid your dues (or you owe for past years) send your check payable to:

Raintree Village Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 99033
Troy, MI 48099

to avoid having late fees and legal costs added to the amount you owe.
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If you have a question or problem for the Raintree Village Homeowners Association, call anytime day or night.

This telephone number is an unattended AT&T voice mailbox. Messages are recorded for later replay. This telephone number does not ring to anyone's home, so you will never get a "live person" to talk to.

The messages are checked weekly. Please leave your name and telephone number if you want your phone call returned.

Come to our Monthly Meeting!
The regular monthly Raintree Board Meeting is held on the second Monday of the month from September through June. All are welcome to attend. We meet at Baker Middle School (located on Torpey Drive off Rochester Road) in room 109.

Our next Raintree Board meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on April 10th, 2017.

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